Finally, readers will look at your PDFs

PDFs have long been a double-edged sword on our site.

They’re great because you can give readers so much more information without cluttering up your story with a bunch of numbers or names or extraneous details better suited for a sidebar or graphic. But as interesting or useful as that information may be, sticking a link to the PDF file in the story has never panned out traffic-wise. Readers just don’t seem to care enough about the information to click the link (or don’t notice it’s there because they don’t read every word) to get all that goodness.

Now we have a workable solution that won’t completely clutter the story. We’re using Scribd to embed documents inside the story text just like we do videos. The early returns are great. Far more people are reading the material in the few PDFs we’ve embedded than ever did through traditional linking.

So if you’ve got a PDF, text document of nearly any flavor (including those you can’t read because you don’t have the software) or PowerPoint presentation, it can now be shared in a meaningful way. Check with your friendly Web editor for details.


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